3aw Nightlight Project - Thank You Danny Wallis Foundation

3AW & the nightlight project. 2022-

Thank you, 3aw and The Danny Wallis Foundation, for donating 75 thousand dollars and 77 cents to celebrate abilities.             

We are so grateful. You have made our year. 
Because of you, we will make hundreds of kids happy and put smiles on their faces.
2024- We have spent your magnificent donation towards a designer shed and sensory room for our kids
with special needs and disabilities.
The shed is now completed, and we are decorating and setting up the sensory room, circus areas
and climbing walls For the kids. (photos coming soon)

Our next step is to build an Abilities playground with disability toilets and showers and a hydro
pool with paths for wheel-car-accessible areas. 

The generous donor giving away $750,000 to charity through The Nightlight Project 

A long-time friend of Neil Mitchell’s program, Danny Wallis, is the generous Melbournian behind the extraordinary act of kindness. June 2022

And it’s all been overseen by Danny’s dog.