Become a Volunteer

We are on the lookout for enthusiastic people to join our team. Volunteers are valued and needed be part of something big and connect with like-minded people. Be part of a team of like-minded souls. We are all in this together, helping all abilities- Volunteering is essential for all not-for-profit organizations to function. By generously giving up some of your time, you can make a difference to others within the community.                                                         

Volunteering can be done on an ongoing or one-off basis.                                                                                                                                                                           Volunteers will need to be actively involved, not observing.

This is what some of our volunteers are saying. “Volunteering gives you energy, a natural high!”

“Volunteering makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, and I look forward to the time that I give each week because I make so many people happy, and I get so much more than I give!” “When volunteering, I feel and know I am contributing to a great cause.”

All volunteers must fill in the volunteer forms and disclaimer below.

Details are;  [email protected] or call 0412 526 383 or (03) 9419 2033 – If you are interested in being a volunteer,  please complete the following 2 forms below

Benefits Include

1. Contributing and giving back to your community, Learning more about health, wellbeing and fitness sector.
2. Meeting a diverse range of people, learn or develop new skills, Completing work experience
     ……and most importantly, having fun! There are a number of volunteering opportunities available, including assisting with and engaging with people in our programs, assisting with research, event coordination, and management, Fundraising, Marketing and Communications projects, Work placements for Occupational Therapists and personal trainers, cleaning assistance maintenance of the studio, spotters for our circus activities (conditions apply) – (oh&s) -paperwork bookwork, when volunteering please arrive 15m before the allocated time for instructions on how you may help with the sessions and familiarize the area you are volunteering in.

Mr. Rohan

Business Consultant

Our Volunteers

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people to join our team. Volunteering can be done on an ongoing or one-off basis. Volunteers will need to be actively involved not observing.

A business consultant who works with small-medium organizations. He utilizes expertise in finance, HR, and marketing, to enhance the organization’s effectiveness. Rohan also works with Celebrating Abilities to bring structure and process in its approach to running an organization dedicated to helping people.

Ms. Raelene


 “I’m a nurse with over 28 years of experience caring for people with many different types of disabilities. Intellectual disabilities, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, vision and hearing impairment, acquired brain injury, amputation, and more recently, I have gained a lot of experience caring for people with spinal cord injuries. As a personal trainer as well, I have a passion for fitness and creating opportunities and inspiring people of all abilities to participate in activity suitable for them.”

Mr. Paul Hesse

Insurance Broker

“I am an insurance broker with over 17 years of experience managing a wide range of commercial and domestic clients. I enjoy business development through network procuring new leads via my contacts with existing clientele. I am passionate about finding solutions and solving problems. Celebrating Abilities, not for profit is a wonderful organization and I am proud to be a volunteer. I love the uniqueness of the organization that supports and celebrates abilities and assisting those with special needs, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and much more.”

Mr. Tom Conley


Tom is currently studying Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Social Science, Criminology (BASocSc). Tom has been involved within community services, since the very early age of 10, as an Indigenous youth in the country, where he has always had a passion to help make a difference in the community and people’s lives. Tom also now holds the post-nominals of AMICDA (Associate Member of the Institute of Community Directors). Tom is a very community-minded person, who has a great work ethic and experience in leadership and management, encompass any principles and leadership skills with a sound knowledge of administrative and computer skills, good research and analysis with problem-solving skills. Tom is the CEO, Managing Director& Founder of DCCS Austrlai Inc. NFP Community service Org. In 2014 Tom created DCCS which has a passion to help grow people to their full potential and works through their challenges.

Mr. Vince Camera

Business Professional

A dynamic, enthusiastic and outcome-driven, business professional specializing in large-scale private and public sector programs of work. Strong operational & relationship management skills coupled with high attention to detail, and focus on customer service to enable the building of strong and deep business relationships, which in turn enable the delivery of the correct outcomes for both the client and the organization servicing the client. Passion to drive innovation and deliver outcomes and be an advocate for the consumer, customer, and client. Strong operational management skills, experience in mentoring, developing and coaching staff to ensure they have the required skill sets to be successful in their roles and deliver the right organizational outcomes, whilst ensuring the “customer experience” is not compromised.

Ms. Rosa Pane


Rosa Pane is a Primary School teacher, teaching today’s children how to be resilient, confident, belief in themselves no matter what, so they can grow up and be confident, successful adults who believe in themselves.
I am a member of Celebrating Abilities board, as believe passionately in what Margie is doing for people with disabilities. Celebrating Abilities gives the participant’s an opportunity to be active, celebrate their abilities. My sister who has a physical disability has attended Celebrating Abilities and I’ve supported her as her Carer. I have been amazed and astounded at what Margie has gotten my sister to do!

Cyla Borg Fitzroy High School

Cyla Borg Fitzroy High School Volunteered Sept, Oct 2019- Cyla helped organise our fundraiser and is 14 years old/Thank you so much for your support.