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Panadol and 7 have come together to recognize and highlight those in our communities who go above and beyond the expected and provide extraordinary care. One of the people nominated is Margie Cerato.
Learn more about our programs and watch our inspiring stories. We support all Abilities improving core strength, mental health exercise programs, functional fitness, core workouts, mindset, personal training, and rehabilitation programs (neuroscience based) over 30 years of experience. More activities on our program page. Videos below and on u tube -

Celebrating Abilities Documentary

We celebrate all abilities - Thank you to Rosa Pane, Lina Pane, Claire and Lexie Whitney, Toby Lunnon for all participating in our documentary. Thank you to sean cousins and his team of students for making the documentary for us.

Celebrating ALL Abilities Inc - Not for Profit Promo Video

Celebrating Abilities Inc, Not For profit committed to enriching the lives of our local community by providing unique and joyful physical experiences for people living with disabilities; whether it is a physical, acquired, mental health, intellectual or emotional as well as people experiencing.

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Aerial Yoga & a little girl with cerebal palsy learns to fly

Angie Hilton from Destination Happiness road tests Aerial Yoga at Vibes Fitness in Fitzroy with owner Margie Cerato.

All Abilities with Isabel Quin and Margie Cerato Sept 2019

Watch Our September 2019 Fundraiser.

Empowering through care - Panadol recognizes everyday Australians.

Going beyond pain relief, Panadol says thank you to Margie Cerato. In paid partnership with Panadol- click on the link to read the article and TV add below

7 sunrise TV video edits

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Sunrise Suburban Hero Award. Thank you to Glen 20, Sam Mac, and Sunrise. We have 7 short videos for you to watch – it was a great morning in our studio. #thankyou #sunrisechannel7 #Glen20 #Sammac #SunriseMorningShow #grateful with Noni Chak Nandita Chakraborty Author Sheree Conway Bonnie Balboa Anna Riccio Paul Hesse Dot Hatzis Rohan Wright Nandita Chakraborty Author Noni Chak Thank you Glen 20 for the ten thousand dollars. You made my day.