Gifts of Kindness

Celebrating Abilities pays it forward every week with gifts of kindness. Some of our clients with special needs and disabilities have to choose to pay rent or buy food. We often organise and hand out donated grocery items to families in need. No one should face choices such as paying rent or buying food.

Kindness and generosity to others come back to enrich your life.

Giving makes us happy, is good for our health, evokes gratitude, and often people pay it forward with random acts of kindness.

We are always looking for people and organisations who can help us HELP more people. 

The unmet needs of our communities are regrettably many and cannot be addressed without funding.

Charity Celebrating Abilities  – KARMA KINDNESS are gifts of kindness.

2023 -Celebrating Abilities Inc paid for Jenna’s Neurology report. ($580) She is now diagnosed with FND -functional neural disorder. The good news is that she will be able to get help from NDIS now. Thank you to everyone who donated. We are grateful.

Celebrating abilities fundraiser paid for Lexie’s bike

Lexie is so happy. Margie president and founder of Celebrating Abilities & Katija Zela Vlatkovich Celebrating Abilities Board member (MisFit Digital) organised our Sept 2019 fundraiser which raised enough for the amazing bike worth around $2000.

This is why we do what we do!
Seeing the smile on Lexie’s face is priceless.


Giving is Karma Kindness


I get so much more than I give


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