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NDIS Respite care (Health & wellness camps) New location: Suite 1/55 dunnart Blvd Whittlesea 3757

We are also a charity providing unique and joyful experiences for people living with disabilities and special needs, enhancing their health and wellbeing.

We are always looking for people and organisations who can help us HELP more people. The unmet needs in our communtiy are regrettably many and unable to be addressed without funding.


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Welcome to Celebrating Abilities

All our sessions are neuroscience-based exercise programs.

Celebrating Abilities Inc is a not-for-profit committed to enriching the lives of our local community by providing unique and joyful physical experiences for people with disabilities and special needs, whether physical, acquired, mental health, intellectual or emotional, as well as people experiencing marginalisation in their lives. For All ages and all abilities. Where else can a child who cannot walk experience the joy of moving her body freely through the air? NDIS-funded programs and charity are 50/50.

Our Programs

Did you know? …….Just under one in five people (4.2 million people or 18.5% of Australians) reported having a disability in 2012. A further 4.7 million people (21%) had a long-term health condition that did not restrict their everyday activities. The remaining 60% of the population had neither a disability nor, a long-term health condition. For those people with disabilities, 3.7 million (88%) had a specific limitation or restriction that meant they were limited in the core activities of self-care, mobility, or communication, or restricted in schooling or employment. – ABS

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Our mission is to make a difference, Transforming lives.

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Celebrating Abilities is aligned with one of the United Nations global goals (offering health and well being, ensuring healthy lives and promoting well being for all ages.

Our Supporters

Charity - Karma kindness

Charity – KARMA KINDNESS are gifts of kindness. Kindness and generosity to others come back to enrich your life. Giving makes us happy, is good for our health, evokes gratitude, and often people pay it forward with random acts of kindness. Sept 2019 we paid for Lexie’s Bike. Approx.. $2000. What an amazing world this would be if we all did random acts of kindness. Giving from the heart. to read lexies story https://celebratingabilities.org.au/lexi-to-fly-to-roll-bounce-and-more

Not For Profit NDIS Exercise Physiology

From the Journal

All our sessions are Neuroscience-based exercise programs, psychotherapy recovery coaching, Pain management & Exercise Rehabilitation, holistic therapeutic approaches, improving the connections with brain, body, nervous system managing behaviours, improving functional fitness, motor skills, balance proprioception, coordination, strength, mobility, flexibility, core workouts, mindfulness breathing, Meditation. 20 min of exercise helps decrease stereotypical behaviours: personal Training, Fun, Flexibility, Circus, Silks, Aerial yoga, Lyra, Hoops.

By generously giving up some of your time, you can make a difference to others

Please be sure to fill up the Volunteer Application Form and Disclaimer Form before filling up the form below. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Pick a photo. And just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money.

Sponsor an entire project

Celebrating Abilities invites you to sponsor one of our projects and help some of our clients who do not have an NDIS plan and often have to choose between paying rent or buying food.

Donate - All donations are tax-deductible

Be part of something big and receive a tax deduction bringing more meaning to your life