NDIS Respite Retreats – Camping programs for All Abilities and All Ages.

You choose. Our outdoor and indoor recreational programs are tailored to meet our participants’ needs and goals, giving them choices in all activities.

Overnight, weekend, and day trips focus on your mental health for all ages and abilities. Our programs are diverse and inclusive, from beginners to advanced adventures.

Our Health retreats are a great success. They focus on the individual’s abilities, increase their confidence, build positive social connections, and reconnect them with adventures in their communities.

We support and empower all participants to achieve their goals through adventures in the community. All trainers are qualified, hold CPR first and COVID-19 policies, work with children, and have over 40 years of experience. Camps, wellness health retreats, and respite will run weekly, and activities will be tailored to the client’s needs.

Our NDIS driver, Peter, can pick you up and drop you off at our respite location. Then, after the respite, take you home. They are billed under “core” -hourly rate. 

The best way to book your respite and discuss your loved one’s needs is to call us at 0412 526 383 or message us with your requirements here.

Respite Options:

24 hours or two full days and nights, giving the carer, and parent a full 48 hours break.

Standard Respite Is Friday 2 pm until Sunday 2 pm. And Wednesday 4pm until Thursday 4pm.

Respite To Suit Your Needs: We recognise that everyone has different needs. You may choose weekdays or weekends.

What’s on! Upon arrival - Welcome, then meet, greet & show studio facilities.

We tailor all programs to suit clients’ needs, goals and likes. We cook together and prepare a healthy, yummy feast.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks included
  • Adventure walks through the parks, exploring wildlife
  • Aerial yoga, circus, hoops, Lyra, ropes, silks, tricks, and exercises.
  • Art therapy  and when we can watch or swim with dolphins-  Sorento
  • Cat therapy – meet Magic and Azi
  • Pampering facials, manicures
  • Firepit toasting marshmallows – circle of hope, fun and laughter
  • Dance party sat night & movies
  • Functional fitness, exercises, gym, cognitive development, proprioception, balance boards, core strengthening, motor skills, strength, motivation, posture, Pilates, Rehab and more. Each camp changes to suit the client’s needs. 
  • White water rafting, Kayaking adventures
  • Horse riding
  • Kangaroos, rabbits, and hares watching birds at sunrise and sunset
  • IFLY skydiving
  • Theatre shows & gold class  movies
  • Masons fall waterfalls
  • Fun fields

Support activities and respite details are organised at the initial consultation with participants’ carers, family members, or parents. Service provider. One on 1 or 1-2. Camp rates include two nights, Friday and Saturday sleepovers and some activities. Please email us for more information on prices and line items. (respite care)

Evidence-based neuroscience programs

Respite Participant Stories