Celebrating Abilities is a Melbourne-based charity in Victoria Australia.

Celebrating Abilities is a Melbourne-based charity in Victoria Australia.

Hello & welcome to our blog on Celebrating Abilities  – We focus on the Ability and not Disability.

Celebrating Abilities is a Melbourne, Victorian-based not for profit registered charity with DGR status. ( Endorsed by the ATO)

Our team increases awareness, empowering and making a difference in the way people with disabilities develop and celebrate their abilities.  The program is available to all ages from children to adults and their Carers, family and or friends.

We have had great success in supporting those with special needs, disability, whether physical, acquired, mental health, intellectual or emotional. Our goal is to support, nurture and develop the wellbeing of as many as possible by providing support with exercise,  Rehab, life/ wellness coaching. Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Aerial yoga & personal training.

Celebrating Abilities in conjunction with Vibes Fitness is committed to providing inclusive training, fitness and well being by working with individuals with a disability and or special needs that want to increase their strength, flexibility, improve their strength and  Rehabilitate their bodies, learn to walk again and improve confidence, motivation, wellbeing, and happiness.

We will share with you inspiring stories of ability and personal victories for our clients, as well as share with what we are doing here at Celebrating Abilities.

Love Margie xx